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Weight Watchers Forever
not a diet ... a lifestyle
11th-Feb-2007 01:03 am
December 2011
I just discovered this community, so thought I would say Hello.  I've been a Weight Watchers member now for 7 months and have managed to lose 64 pounds so far.  I still have a lot more to lose and I get a lot of motivation and support from the online message boards at weightwatchers.ca.  I hope this will be another source of inspiration and sharing! :)
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12th-Feb-2007 03:29 am (UTC) - Hi there!
You're lucky that you only have 15 more to lose! :) "The program works if you work the program" is what I always say!

I use the Flex plan because I have a carb addiction. I've considered changing to Core to switch it up a little, but I'm not ready yet. My favourite snack is Christie Thinsations - I prefer the Chips Ahoy and Oreo. And I love fruit! If I could afford it, I would eat an apple, an orange, a peach or nectarine, a banana, and grapes every day! :)

As for hockey - I don't really follow the NHL, but I do like the Pittsburg Penguins as they are my hubby's team. I prefer to watch hockey live and as far as I know the closest team city to us is Montreal (about a 16 hour drive, I believe)!
12th-Feb-2007 03:34 am (UTC)
I almost forgot - there is message boards on the American website as well. www.weightwatchers.com/community will get you there and you can register to post on the boards for free. :)
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