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3rd-Aug-2006 11:38 am(no subject)
Babylon 5; Londo Emperor
So now that I'm down to my goal weight, I've been trying to carefully size myself. Right now I own a lot of size 8's that are sliding off my hips, mainly because, 20 years ago when I was 20 pounds lighter than I am now, I was a size 6. So no way I could possibly be a size 6 now, right?
Not so much. Turns out that the women's clothing industry is engaging in the practice of vanity sizing, or size inflation-- that is, of slapping smaller size labels on larger size clothes. This has a market advantage that is two-fold: it brings teen girls in from large Junior sizes to small women's sizes and gets them to spend in women's stores, and it caters to older women by allowing us to think that we've dropped a size without dropping inches.

This used to be the trend in upscale clothing, but in recent times it has penetrated the mass market, such that stores have implemented size 00 and extra, extra small, while smaller women scramble to find clothes that are not too large for them.

Women's size standards are voluntary, and in 1983 those standards were abandoned altogether as unrealistic in terms of American female consumers. Marilyn Monroe's size 12 of the 50's was a 10 by the 70's, and today is a 6.

It's no surprise that my brain was 20 years behind the times as I bought clothes-- the essence of vanity sizing is to take the old sizes and to flatter you into thinking you are smaller than you are and get you to coveted sizes like 6. It requires that we keep the old images in our heads to be flattered by the smaller size numbers. Dieting organizations like Weight Watchers capitalize on this by emphasizing "non-scale victories" like the fit of clothing, without making clear that women's clothing sizes are so flexible and vary so much among manufacturers as to be entirely useless as a gauge of body size and shape.

Web sites like fitme.com ask you for bunches of measurements, then allow you to choose apparel type and brand to help you figure out what size you are. It's enough to make you buy men's clothing, which at least has the virtue of transparent sizing on its side. Even more confusing-- patterns still conform to the old size standards, so what size pattern you make and what clothes you buy are quite unrelated in terms of sizing.

No wonder studies show that overweight people underestimate the extent of their weight problems, overestimate exercise, and and underestimate what they eat. Portion size, and our own size is distorted in the name of marketing interests. It's easy to overlook our own habits and weight with the amount of misdirection around us.
16th-Jul-2006 07:22 pm - new member
Hello everyone --

I lost 45 pounds on WW back in 2001 and felt great. Then, after a couple years, I went through an extremely stressful time psychologically and gained about 25-30 of those pounds back. I have been struggling to lose the weight again ever since, but keep finding myself falling off the wagon, and unable to find the willpower and steady focus I had in 2001. But just reading everyone's positive and helpful posts here is helping me find some strength already. I'm 35 and have been struggling with my weight all my life, and I really want to reach my goal weight and figure out how to stay there once and for all!

My local meetings are on Tuesdays, so this Tuesday I am going to start up again. I hope to take inspiration from the others around me, both at the meetings and on here. I figure if I have to answer to someone, it will make it more likely that I stick to it, too!

Thanks for listening :)
14th-Jul-2006 07:32 am - Not a big dinner!
So last night we went out to eat at Longhorn's Steakhouse.

I had what was a pretty moderate dinner by my standards: a 7 oz steak; half a baked potato with a little butter and salt; bread and butter; and a marvelous salad of wild greens, mozzarella, and tomatoes.

Okay, yikes. That was 17 points:
Steak = 7
Half a potato and butter= 3
Bread and butter = 3
Salad = 4 (a couple for the cheese and a couple for the dressing)

That's not a huge dinner at all, and 17 points is approximately 800 calories. On the one hand, I think how little food I really need (and can probably eat to maintain my weight). On the other hand, I have to marvel at how much most of us must eat without even thinking about it.
2nd-Jul-2006 10:41 am - Newbie
We are not afraid of the night
Hi, all.

I was glad to find this community-- particularly because you want to incorporate the program into everyday life!

I just reached goal officially yesterday at WW. I have never been good at maintaining my weight, so I see reaching goal as the beginning of my journey, not the end. I've been searching for resources on weight maintenance-- WW refers us to the National Weight Control Registry, which is pretty nifty.

Anyone know of other resources for maintenance?
26th-Jun-2006 08:21 pm - Low-point warm weather treats
sparkly strawberry
Fudgsicle Fat Free Fudge Bars
1 bar = 1 point

My husband and I tried these for the first time tonight, and we love them! Both of us agree that they are most definitely worth 1 point, and are a great treat when you're craving something cold.

Del Monte Fruit 'n' Yogourt Sorbet & Frozen Yogourt Bars
1 bar = 1 point

These come in various fruity flavours and are very tasty. They're a little smaller than the Fudgsicles (and a bit more expensive), but I think they're still worth it.

So... any other suggestions for low-point warm weather treats?
10th-Jun-2006 04:13 pm - I'm so happy!
My first week back on WW after a 2 month break and I WI today with a loss of 2.4#!!! Yippee! Just thought I would share in my happiness! I hope everyone else has had a great week!

3rd-Jun-2006 04:37 pm - hello again
Hello! My name is Alison. I joined this group awhile ago and then about 2 months ago I decided to take a break from WW. I have been on WW since April of last year and I lost almost 30 pounds. Then all of sudden I just kept going back and forth between 5 pounds and couldn't actually reach that 30 pound mark. I was getting so frustrated and it was driving me crazy!!!
So, now I'm up a little more and I decided to go back on WW now, while registration was still free!:)
Anyway, I'm determined to make my goal and I thought I would come back here to get some extra support!!

19th-May-2006 10:14 pm - new
Hi, my name is Amy. I just rejoin weight watchers today. I started last year, and lost 33 lbs. About three months ago i got off track, stop going to meetings, and all that good stuff. I put on two lbs since i stoped going to meetings, which i guess isn't really to much, but got scare that those lbs would keep adding up pretty quickly. I'm ready to start over, get back on track and hopefully lose 30 more lbs. My curent weight is 165.4 lbs and for now i'm just going to focus on my 10% goal, 16 lbs.
14th-May-2006 08:29 pm - More yummy cookies
Dare Simple Pleasures Lemon Social Tea cookies
4 cookies = 2 points

These are totally different from the Cinnamon Snaps, but equally wonderful! They're similar to a Rich Tea-type cookie, but with a hint of lemon flavouring (nothing too overpowering). Definitely worth a try!

P.S. - There are quite a few other flavours of Dare Simple Pleasures cookies - please note, though, that some of them are actually 4 cookies for 3 points. (We tried the Spice cookies as well, and they are really good... but they're one of the 3 point flavours.) Just be sure to read the labels and use your points finder and you should be fine!
9th-May-2006 07:51 am - new
main one
Hi, I'm new to this group and just thought I'd do a quick intro. I'm a freshman in college who just so happened to gain the fresman 15 rather quickly. Since then I've been trying hard to get back down to the weight I was last summer. I joined WW about a month ago, and it really helped at first, but I really messed up, and gained back the weight. I'm still trying but there's always so much tempting food around and I loose motivation a lot. I hope this community will be able to help.
7th-May-2006 09:12 am - Randomness
So I've lost 15lbs, a small victory i its self, but my thing is.. where am I loosing it? people always tell me to measure my self but the places they tell me to measure are never the same.. like noone has given me the same places to measure twice...
I know my clothes all fit diff but I'm just wondering where its coming off from.. since theres a few areas i want it gone from most.. ya know?


x- posted
1st-May-2006 10:07 pm - New
So I'm almost 23. Joined WW 4 almost 5 weeks ago. Lost 10.8lbs (gained one back this week)
10% = 30.
Goal weight.. Under 200
Goal size 16
Current Height 5'6

Red Light Food - Cheese & CHocolate Milk

Bad habbit.. eating when I'm bored at work...

Goal for teh week.. to not use any flex points.
28th-Apr-2006 10:14 pm - Activity Points
About APs - I've heard some people on WW say that you should just earn them and not exchange them for food points, and I've heard others say that you should trade in up to four a day (assuming you've earned them) for food points, and still others say that the four-points-a-day thing is no longer valid, and you should trade in all the APs you earn in a day for food points because your body needs the fuel if you're exercising.

I'm curious - how do you guys handle APs? Do you think there's only one "right" way to do it, or do you think it depends on your own metabolism as to how you deal with APs?
19th-Apr-2006 07:22 pm(no subject)
Garfield - Nom Nom Nom
Hello everyone! I am new here and just thought i'd introduce myself.

I'm going to start WW on May 1st, although i will not be going to any meetings. I do not have a ton of money, and i'm sorry, $11 a week is a lot for me.

I used to go to WW a few years ago, and i still have all of the books, so i am just going to go back on the system. Although i have forgotten what foods are low points.

So my question to everyone for my first post is....

What is everyones favorite low point treat? For breakfast? For lunch? For dinner? For a snack?

And any other tips and pointers would be lovely!!!
16th-Apr-2006 08:48 pm - Low-point cake recipe!
Just thought I'd share a recipe for a yummy cake. I made it as my contribution to today's Easter dinner at my parents' place, and aside from overmixing it a bit (so it wasn't as light and fluffy as it could have been), it was quite yummy... and only 2 points per slice!

Orange Sponge CakeCollapse )
12th-Apr-2006 12:47 pm(no subject)
Hi... I just joined WW last night. I'm pretty excited and confident. I am one of those "has already gotten to weight goal in the past, then gained it all back plus a bit more" people. But the bright side to that situation is that I know my goals are possible, and I know just how great I look and feel when I'm there! I have nearly 60 lb. to lose if I want to get back to that weight, but I don't want to get fixated on some 'magic number,' so I'm just happy to be doing something about it at this point.

Hi everyone!
11th-Apr-2006 06:56 pm - Woohoo!
Sparkly Butterfly
I lost 2 lbs last night, bringing my total to 78 lbs lost... yay!
9th-Apr-2006 10:19 am - Facelift
Heheh... not me, the community layout! I changed the colours so they'd be similar to the WW site... what do you think?

I'd love some input/suggestions on the sidebar info - wording, additional abbreviations/acronyms, more links, etc. We can add quite a number of boxes in the sidebar, so if you ever think of anything that might be helpful to community members, let me know and I'll see if I can incorporate it.

Thanks much! :)

EDIT: I just thought of something - maybe a box in the sidebar with inspirational quotes? Got any to suggest?
1st-Apr-2006 09:36 pm - blech!
I was up a pound this week. I tracked my points, I went to the gym more this week than I did last week, and it still didn't work. The only bad thing I did, was have to slices from a med. size pizza for lunch on Friday at work. I work in an elementary school and they had Papa Gino's pizza for lunch, which is one of my favorites! I had a big salad and some fruit with it too and then I also went to the gym. UGH! I think I need to up my cardio and play with my points a bit to make sure I lose some weight next week! UGH!

Wish me luck!! I've also been adding a few of you to my friends list if that's OK. I enjoy meeting new people and meeting new WW friends is also pretty fun!!
30th-Mar-2006 09:46 pm - GREAT snack
Piller's Turkey Bites - Smoked Turkey Sausage
1 sausage = 1 point

OK, where have these been all my life?! I'm serious - they are REALLY yummy, and TOTALLY worth a point. So far I've only had them by themselves as a snack, but I think they'd be great on homemade pizza. If you like pepperoni, you'll love Turkey Bites!

P.S. - here's a link, if you're interested.
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