Weight Watchers Forever

not a diet ... a lifestyle

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Welcome to ww4ever! This community is for people who...

  • are following the Weight Watchers program, whether as a meetings member, as an online member, or on their own

  • see Weight Watchers as a long-term solution to their weight issues

  • think of Weight Watchers as a lifestyle rather than a diet
You can post hints & tips for following Weight Watchers and incorporating the program into your day-to-day life... share recipes... celebrate your successes... give and receive support and encouragement... and anything else related to your Weight Watchers journey.

Once you've joined the community, please take a minute to introduce yourself to the group, then join in the discussions!

Some Weight Watchers-related abbreviations/acronyms you might run across and/or wish to use:

APActivity Points
NINutrition Information
NSVNon-Scale Victory
OPOn Program or On Plan
WIWeigh In
WPAWeekly Points Allowance
WWWeight Watchers

Sister community: smallsteps... for those who find it easier to make life changes by beginning with small, slow, steady steps instead of diving in head-first and becoming overwhelmed.

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